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Semester I

Foundation Course:

Introduction to Museology

The Foundation Course aims to acquaint students briefly with the fundamentals of the role and function of the "museum," from its historical beginnings to the present, as well as examining the philosophy of museums and their multiform character and purpose. Familiarizing the students with the meaning and features of Museums, Museology and Museography, the course also deals with the new emerging trends in Museology, Eco-Museums, Tangible and Intangible Heritage.


Semester II

Core Courses:

Collection and Curatorship

This course will examine current theories, methodologies and technologies of collections. It is also designed to acquaint students with how and why collecting is done along with the history of collection.

Documentation in Museums

The accessibility to Museum Collection is also the accessibility to the information associated. This course imparts theoretical and practical training about the established international norms and practices of Museum Documentation, which includes recording, structuring, maintaining, and retrieving of information related to pertinent objects of museum collection.

Museum Education

This course is structured to elucidate the correlation between Museums and Education. The scope of the course encompasses meaning and definition of Museum Education along with the history of the work done in the field and also deals with issues of interpretation, outreach programme and non-formal education. Theoretical aspects of exploring educational potential of museums are to be supplemented by practical training.


Semester III

Core Courses:

Museum Exhibition

The course is intended to explicate the fundamentals of Museum Exhibition incorporating all details from the conceptualization stage to the final execution. The particulars of museum display including various aspects of designing and lighting are also to be taught in the course.

Museum Management and Administration

This course is intended to focus on the principles and strategies of management in museums. It covers aspects such as collection management, administrative framework, code of ethics, managing exhibitions, visitors' management, mission statement, vision and road map and policy development.

Museum Marketing and Public Relation

This course is intended to elucidate on the scope and applicability of marketing and public relations within the context of museums. The course will cover topics such as methods, principles, techniques and concept of marketing along with the nature of public relation in museum setting, evaluation assessment and improvisation, museum public services and accessibility, advertisement and understanding museum as cultural brands.


Semester IV

Core Courses:

Museum Architecture

This course is intended to introduce the students to the theme of museum architecture, its definition and scope in understanding the relevance of architecture in designing a museum building focusing on aspects such as planning, design brief, process, and approach, technical requirements, construction, adaption and maintenance.

Preventive Conservation, Handling and Storage

This course will elucidate on the role and significance of Preventive Conservation in museums elucidating on topics such as factors of deterioration, role of documentation in Preventive Conservation, museum climate, preventive measures, handling, transportation and packaging of museum objects and museum storage.

Elective Courses:

Eco Museum and Theories of New Museology

This course aims to introduce the concept of Eco-museums in contrast to the traditional museums. This course will be insightful in understanding the scope of Eco-museums, community participation, welfare and role of communities in promoting and preserving the heritage. The theme of New Museology aims to explore new developments taking place in the field of museums, discussing the scope and theories of New Museology.

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) encompasses the diverse cultural heritage of people living across the globe. The varied cultural expressions of different communities are significant in understanding cultural heritage from a holistic perspective. This course will familiarize the students with the need to preserve and document the intangible cultural heritage covering topics such as, domains of ICH, methods and tools of documenting, initiatives of ICOM and UNESCO in the field of intangible cultural heritage, safeguarding ICH and discussing National and International Case Studies.



of History of Art, Conservation & Museology
(Deemed to be University)
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