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It has been observed that some of the M.A students of NMI fail to appear in main Semester examinations on one pretext or other and later on wish to appear at Supplementary Examinations. This disrupts normal teaching and examination system of NMI. In view of this and also in order to curb the habit of appearing in Supplementary examinations at will and on flimsy grounds, the following guidelines are proposed to be implemented with immediate effect:

Eligibility for Supplementary Examination:

  1. A student who fails to secure minimum pass marks in Theory or Practical examination of a paper or who fails to appear in any Theory or Practical examination on any grounds including medical will be eligible for supplementary examination in that particular paper.
  2. Students debarred from appearing in examination due to shortage of attendance in Theory or Practical will also be eligible for Supplementary examination subject to the condition that they have to attend classes in that particular paper whenever it is offered by the institute.
  3. First semester students, who fail to appear in all papers of Foundation Course will not be eligible for supplementary examination and their admission will be treated as cancelled.


  1. The student who is debarred from appearing in examination due to shortage of attendance will have to attend the classes in that particular paper whenever the paper is offered by the Institute so as to become eligible for supplementary examination.
  2. The supplementary examination can be written only after one year, when the same semester paper is repeated. For example, 1st semester supplementary examination could only be written with 1st semester examination of the next year(s) i.e. 3rd/5th semester and not with 2nd or 4th semester exams.
  3. The student who intends to appear in a supplementary examination will be examined as per the syllabus currently in operation. For example, if a student belonging to 2004 batch seeks supplementary examination in 2005, he/she has to write the examination as per the syllabus of 2005. If there are any additions in the syllabus which the student has not studied, the student is expected to attend the classes offered for his/her junior batch(es) for the same, otherwise the student will not be allowed to appear in the examination.
  4. A student who wishes to appear in a particular Theory examination has to invariably appear in Practical examination of that paper and vice-versa and has to complete all assignment requirements afresh. This means that both theory and practical examinations have to be cleared simultaneously and not in a piece-meal manner. Thus, a student clearing only either theory or
    practical examinations of that paper in the supplementary examination.
  5. A student will get only two opportunities to appear in supplementary examination in continuity (maximum two years). If the student fails to clear the examination in this prescribed period, he shall be treated as failed and no further opportunity will be admissible.
  6. A supplementary examination fee of Rs.250/- per paper is to be paid by the student. The fee is to be deposited within fifteen days of the commencement of semester. After that no request for supplementary examinations will be entertained.
  7. Supplementary examinations cleared by the student will be mentioned clearly in the semester as well as final Marksheet of the student as “Supplementary Exam”. And such students will not be eligible for any scholarships/medals/honours based on merit, if any, awarded by the Institute.
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